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This time, we list the timeless dramas – that most quintessential of Bollywood genres that Indians are a sucker for.

Zakir Naik: India seeks to extradite Islamic preacher in Malaysia – “He serves their interests to have cultural influence among Indian Muslims.” Other experts see Naik as part of Malaysia,

This season an array of Indian and international labels have unveiled campaigns which depict same sex love, sexual diversity.

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Rape Hindi Xxx Get Ekta Kapoor received rape threats and cyberbullying from the people post this controversial scene grabbed attention among. Get Popular YouTuber and Bigg Boss 13 contestant, Vikas Pathak aka Hindustani Bhau was the first one to object against this scene and had filed a police complaint against producers Ekta Kapoor and. Aunty Sex Mulai Aunty

Surinder Ambardar Kashmir watchers must have watched and observed the pattern of operational terrorism as more than three dozen terrorist outfits have.

‘Axone’ and food politics in Indian cinema – Films often choose to highlight differences through the motif of food and ‘Axone’, streaming on Netflix, is just the latest.

As we inch closer to the first ‘Unlock’ phase, we celebrate some of the best shows– that were unanimously enjoyed by the.

Indian sex toy e-tailers look at going local with manufacturing processes. One set of toys will be called ‘Samaaj’ and.