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Teresa has gone from a low-level drug smuggler’s girlfriend to the head of an empire.

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One plane ride later, the two of them are spending long, hot days under the sun and on display.

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Hot List 2020: Anna Acquroff, Francine Toon, SHHE and Helen Sedgwick – Released on the One Little Indian label (also home to Bjork and Kathryn Williams), the album is a thrill.

Winters often find her in Iceland and when she can she goes to Sweden where her girlfriend.

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With Pari and Faiz by his side, Jai ventures into some of the most dangerous parts of the sprawling Indian city; the bazaar.

Organized for young professionals and young couples, the gathering offers a blend of learning, praying and celebrating.

A hot and heavy love affair between a young American student in Paris and a married.

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